Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Social Media Comments and Conversations about Your Company

More and more companies are launching their own social media marketing campaigns in recognition to the enormous benefits the strategy can potentially bring. Once your company is able to establish even a slight web presence in a social site surely there will be some who will start talking about your company, with or without you. Monitoring and joining these conversations may be the key to properly evaluating the efficiency of your social media marketing strategy.

Step 1: Set Up Google Alerts
Google Alerts is a free service by Google which will send you email updates as notifications about search results regarding any topic or keyword phrase you want to keep track of. It is highly advised that you track the name of your company, the name of your competitors, and other particular terms or phrases that you think are relevant or of impact to your business. Completion of such an easy task can work wonders for your social media marketing strategy. Google will send you email notifications whenever something that mentions the terms or phrases you are tracking. The notifications also come with links to the respective items. Google Alerts can be used for web, blog, news, video, or group searches.

Step 2: Review Google Analytics Data
Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that generates very detailed yet easy to understand and very useful information about the movement in your website traffic, and thus the results of your internet marketing efforts. Google Analytics will aide you in attaching tracking tags to your social media campaigns that will make possible the monitoring of the performances of such campaigns. Such evaluation is vital so that you will be able to determine the extent of effectiveness of your campaigns as well as assert their possible strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it will be easier for you to further strengthen the good points of your strategies while at the same time mitigating or completely eliminating their bad points. Another important function of analytics is that it shows you the sites sending traffic to your website.

Step 3: Search Facebook and Twitter
Both Facebook Twitter have recently made public real-time search engines by integrating it in their respective social networking site’s system. Both work like any search engine only that it searches only the Facebook index and the Twitter index respectively. Therefore, the Facebook search engine will help to search the name of your company in Facebook to see who are talking about your company and what they are saying. Same goes for the Twitter search engine. What you will find out by doing so may greatly help in improving your social media marketing campaign.


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