Friday, February 26, 2010

Measuring Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is considered by many as today's most effective internet marketing tool. And its potential just continues to grow. More and more start socializing in the World Wide Web to help their business grow. New techniques and methods are being discovered each day. With the so many means available it is oftentimes difficult to ascertain whether that one you are implementing is right for your business. Measuring social media marketing is the best way to test the performance of your social marketing campaign.

Measuring social media marketing success is not that plain simple. Understanding your goals is the first step in determining the effectiveness of your endeavors. After clearly defining what you want to achieve, you can now think of ways to measure your performance.

If you find yourself having a hard time defining your objectives, then there are 8 simple questions you may want to ask yourself.
1.How can I fill my sales funnel?
2.How can I improve customer engagement?
3.How can I improve exposure and coverage?
4.How am I empowering my community to interact?
5.How do I grow sales from my community?
6.How can I build a voice and a new stage for my ideas?
7.How do I bridge my offline experiences with my online presence?
8.How am I extending to the mobile environment?

These questions might not always help you get the answers you need to be able to specify your aims for your social media marketing campaign, but they are sure to help you. They will definitely guide you to some extent in specifying goals will get you going. If you've already found the answers you are seeking there is really no vital need to answer all of them. There are different goals that can be targeted. Some are rooted in PR-type practice. Others are more marketing-minded. Still others are sales-focused.

Measuring figures with a dollar sign is probably the most common means of measuring business performance. But when it comes to social media marketing, there are several ways of measurement that may even display a better view of your campaigns effectiveness. Divide your marketing campaign into different projects. We can measure effectiveness as a whole but it is always better to measure the campaigns success by part. Using different means of measure for each part is applicable if such will arrive at clearer results. Some of the means of measuring social media marketing are as follows:
% of online conversation (versus competitor).
% of coverage improvement.
# of new subscribers/attendees/buyers via tracking links.
# of new threads, comments, conversations for engagements.
# of actions taken (for instance, on email newsletters).
increase in $ per visitor, monthly average.
# of leads
# of sales call conversions
unique visitors (all those basic web metrics)

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is defined as the conduct of marketing, sales, public relations and customer service through the use of one or a combination of social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any other online collaborative media. Some famous social media marketing tools are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia, Orkut and YouTube.

Social media in an internet marketing sense pertains to a collective group of cyberspace or web properties whose content comes from publications or posts created by users, and not direct employees of the said property such as the vast majority of the videos on you tube and the bast majority of threads on forum sites as well as the most of the tweets on tweeter.

Three Major Elements of Social Media Marketing
1. The Buzz
Make posts to attract the attention of other members or users. Create a buzz or newsworthy events, videos, tweets, or blog entries. Make sure they are interesting and are likely to captivate people who stumble into them. Catchy posts are likely to spread over the network like a virus. Buzzing is the core of social media marketing. It differs from the traditional methods of commercials, print ads, and press releases in the sense that other users become the medium for your marketing campaign. Members tend to pass something of interest to other users.

2. Fan Pages
Create of facilitate means in which fans or patrons of your brand, your business or yourself can promote a message of their own on multiple online social media venues. Create fan pages where they can talk about whatever they are a fan of.

3. Be Active in Conversations

Conversations are the lifeblood of social media marketing. The marketing campaign is controlled not by the organization but by the consumers themselves. Consumers can start or participate in conversation about a brand they are interested in. Respect of all users as well as confidentiality of private information should always be maintained.

Social level marketing therefor is a method of advertising that utilizes mainly social network service to increase the web presence of its products, services or the business itself. Increasing web presence means increasing the number of internet users seeing your brand. This ranges from simply advertising directly on social networking sites, viral marketing that spreads throughout the web, email, and word of mouth, or providing niche social networking sites focused around the item being advertised. Most social sites nowadays allow the creation of profile pages. Make utmost use of them, make them content information about your product. Create a fan page for your company, or much better for each product line. Such will facilitate conversations, arousing talk about your company and what it has to offer.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Social Media Networking Top 10

Social media networking is the new fad in doing business online. It has revolutionized internet marketing and changed the way people socialize in the World Wide Web for towards the benefit of their business. Countless are joining social media networks but only a few really know how to completely exploit its full potential. Following are 10 tips that can help you grow your business and attain financial success with the use of SMN.

1. Pull, Do Not Push
Do not push your products or services to your contacts, instead, build a connection founded on trust. Allow them to have confidence in your business. Let them believe in the quality of what you offer. Set an image that every dollar they will spend on you will be worth it. This way you will be pulling their interest. You will no longer need to tell them to buy your products, they will voluntarily look for them.

2. Let the Social Media Network Know You Exist
Actively participate in conversations to get yourself acquainted with other users. Your participation will send the message that you like helping others.

3. Content is King, but Conversation is Queen
Content is king not only when it comes to search engine crawlers, but also to people. People, especially those in business like reading websites with sense. Make sure your content captivates their interest and gives an impression that you are knowledgeable and reliable. Participate in conversations and share what you know. Content and conversation when paired together will do wonders.

4. Maintain Authenticity and Transparency
Be real. Do not claim to know something you don't as such will just get you into trouble. Be open. Do no keep skeletons in the closet. Be honest. Admit mistakes and speak of ways you can make amends.

5. Do not Attempt to Participate in Each Social Network
It is impossible to participate in every social media network. Hundreds are out there and new ones keep on coming up. If you engage in too many social sites, it is certain that you will not be able to properly maintain all of them. You might even forget some of them. Properly maintaining a few social networks is better that poorly maintaining many of them.

6. Give and You Shall Receive
Help whenever there is a chance. This will help forge strong bonds between you and the other members as well as create a good image for you and the business you represent. Help people and they will surely help you back, maybe not now but in the near future. Earning the trust of people who know you care will be easier.

7. Follow the Rules of Real World Marketing
Social media is just another channel of marketing. Still adhere to the ethics and guidelines of marketing offline or in the real world. Implement your damage control measures both online and offline.

8. Prepare Your Mindset and not just Your Toolset
Your social media networking campaign is not just a tool but and entirely new approach on its own. Do not think of it as indispensable, as it can make or break your brand online.

9. Be Yourself
Be true to who you are and do not pretend to be somebody else. Do not become a poser. Post your own pictures, use you real basic information. Being true to yourself is the first step to gaining the trust of others. Lie and someone will catch you sooner or later.

10. Share Findings
Whenever you stumble upon something you think might help in social media networking, share it with others. Be open to discussions and debates.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Social Media Networking Guide

Social media networking is the act of utilizing social media to convey one's message to a wide network of people. In business, it is the unrelentingly growing means of how businesses market their products in a comprehensive yet cost effective way. With the seemingly boundless benefits offered by social media networking, countless people are being drawn into it. But majority of these people do now know how to exploit the maximum potentials of social media. This aims to be a simple guide to those who are fond of networking.

We’ve all heard the expression “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This statement is usually viewed in a negative way, but in the world of social media networks, it is an absolute law. In social media, who you know – or who knows you - will make or break you. Your connections make the biggest difference so you must figure out early on the right people to connect with and then take the time to know them and let them know you. Build trust and relationships with the influencers to quickly leverage your socializing capabilities.

The influencers are who the members of the social media network trust and believe in the most. If you get them to believe in you, your business, or the products and services that you offer to the point that they mention your product in one of their, for example tweets, the effects could be staggering. Earn their trust and it will be like earning the trust of those who already trust them.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Social Media Network Effects

Participating in a social media network has both beneficial and adverse effects. The benefits are great but the risks can lead to drastic consequences. It is therefore vital that caution be exercised in online socialization. Be vigilant of who you are connecting with.

Benefits of Growing Your Social Media Network
In social media, the magic lies on connections. Generally, the more contacts the better. The more people who interact with you the more the benefits from the social media network. There are also problems that may arise from having many connections, such as noise and other irrelevant information as well as the great deal of time needed to manage loose connections. But the potential benefits way outweigh such risks or downsides.
1. More opportunities
2. Greater access to expertise, information, news
3. Frequent, valuable feedback
4. Accelerated growth through viral effects
5. Lower cost and better quality attention

Proper Management Equals Growing Connections
The efficiency of how you manage your social network connections with have the biggest impact on the success of your social media endeavor. You should always make sure to keep your network maintained and of excellent quality. Productivity and system problems may annoy connections and make them break away from your network.

Maintaining your own social network community can be very tiresome, and you may also not be able to get things right on the first try. But don't give up. Try again, your perseverance will surely pay off handsomely.

Maintaining Signal Versus Noise
You should be able to filter good connections from those that only cause you nuisance. There are always those people who do not have any intentions about your community or what your community hopes to achieve. Some people simply just like pestering other people. Set a standard to base which are good connections and which are bad. And please adhere to this standard strictly. Following people who just keep on beating around the bush will just waste your time and give you nothing but frustration. It is your community, your choice of connections.

Stop Social Media from Taking Over Your Day
ONLY SHARE WHAT IS SAFE TO SHARE – Once you connect to people outside your close friends and family you need to restrict the information you place in these networks. If in doubt, keep it to yourself.
Observe before following. Look before you leap.
If people are eating up too much of your time, ditch them, and do not feel any guilt or regret about it. There are no rules that say you have to follow and entertain everyone who follows you!
Select your venues and do not try to be active in everything.
Do not engage in time-wasting activities, such as quizzes and zombie games.
Set Social Media time and log off when that time is over.
Grow your network selectively and steadily – Learn how much activity you can manage.
Use tools where appropriate.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Social Networking Parent's Guide

Social networking sitesSocial networking sites can be accessed by anyone because they basically offer memberships for free. Hence, they may try to engage in social sites not fit for their age or acquaint themselves with people that will not be healthy for them. It is therefore a parents responsibility to make sure his/her son/daughter's social networking experience is a healthy one.

“Do you know where your children are?" is a common things asked from parents concerning children. In the social networking sense it equates to "Do you know what social networks your kids are actively involved in — and who they're chatting with online?"

Social networking sites have evolved into a mainstream for kids, teens and adults alike. These sites encourage and facilitate information exchanges about people, picture and video sharing, and communication through blog and other instant messaging media with other like minded people or the whole community in general. Though the potential benefits of actively participating in social sites are very huge, we should all be aware of the risks and possible pitfalls the come with online social networking.

There are some social networking sites whose main target audience are pre-teens – kids ages 5-11 years old. These kid-focused sites implement rules and policies better fit for youngster and members usually go through a longer membership process than the regular teen and adult sites. There are still however, a number of things a parent can do to better make sure of your kid's online socializing safety. The law is well aware of this dilemma and has provided parents control over the type of information a kid can post or publish online.

The federal constitution has devised the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to govern sites directed to an audience of ages under 13. The COPPA also applies to sites who do not specifically target pre-teens but are aware that they are dealing with kids younger than 13. the COPPA requires such sites to get parental permission before they can start to collect, maintain, or use a kids' information. It also gives the parents the power to review their kid's online profile and blog pages and make necessary changes. The main problem lies in the fact that most parents fell outpaced by their technologically savvy kids and feel reluctance in approaching them about techie matters. Parents should know that there are still stuff they can teach their kid's to help them stay safe while socializing in the realm of cyberspace.

Help Kids Socialize Safely Online
1. Aid your kids distinguish what information should be kept confidential
Explain to them the reasons why some information about themselves, family members and friends are to be kept from the knowledge of other people. Tell them the possible harm divulging information like full name, Social Security number, street address, phone number, and family financial information — like bank or credit card account numbers — can cause. Advice them to choose a screen name or user name that does not give out way to much information.

2. Use privacy settings to restrict who can access and post on your child's website
Good social networking sites have strong privacy settings. Demonstrate to your kid how to utilize these settings to limit who can view their online profile, and explain to them its importance.

3.Explain that kids should post only information that you and they don't mind others seeing
Even after privacy settings have been put into effect, there are still some or even all of your kid's profile that outsiders or the general public can look at. Advice your child to think at least twice about what he will be saying in his blog or what pictures or videos he will be uploading. Employers, college admissions officers, team coaches, and teachers may view your child's postings and may provide a very valuable first impression. Even screen names can have big impacts. Advise kids to think about what others may think of their screen names.

4. Inform your kids that once they publish information online, they can't take it back
Even if they delete the information from a site, others would have already sen it, and older versions may exist on other people's computers and be circulated online.

5. Determine how your kids access the online social networking sites
More and more, kids are accessing the Internet through their cellular phones. Find out about the limitations you can place on your child's cell phone. Some cellular companies offer plans that limit downloads, Internet access, and texting; other plans permit kids to use those features only at particular times of day.

6. Tell your kids about online bullying
Online bullying can be executed in numerous forms, from circulating rumors online and posting or forwarding private messages without the sender's permission, to sending threatening messages. Let your kids know that the words they type and the images they post can have real-world consequences. They can make the target of the bullying feel bad, make the sender look bad – and, sometimes, can bring on punishment from the authorities. Encourage your kids to talk to you if they feel targeted by a bully.

7. Tell your kids to refrain from sex talk online
Recent research shows that teens who don't talk about sex with strangers online are less likely to come in contact with a predator. If you're concerned that your child is engaging in risky online behavior, you can search the blog sites they visit to see what information they're posting. Try searching by their name, nickname, school, hobbies, grade, or area where you live.

8. Advice your kids to trust their Instincts if they get suspicious
If they feel threatened by someone or uncomfortable because of something online, encourage them to tell you. You can then help them report concerns to the police and to the social networking site. Most sites have links where users can immediately report abusive, suspicious, or inappropriate online behavior.

9. Read sites' privacy policies
Spend some time with a site's privacy policy, FAQs, and parent sections to understand its features and privacy controls. The site should spell out your rights as a parent to review and delete your child's profile if your child is younger than 13.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Social Networking

Social networking is the act of individuals joining together to form particular groups, similar in a sense to small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision. Even though social networking is possible on a personal level, like employees in a workplace, students in a college or high school, social networking is still usually done online, in the virtual universe we know as the World Wide Web.

Online social networking is the most preferred mode because of its global scope, compared to the very limited reach of that in workplaces and in universities and colleges. There are millions of people surfing the internet everyday looking for someone to meet. The internet is also the source of limitless knowledge as it is the fastest medium for information and experience exchanges. You can search for any kind of topic on the internet, be it golfing, gardening, developing friendships or professional alliances.

Social sites without a main focus are commonly referred to as general or traditional social networking websites. They usually have open memberships that are almost always free. These sites accept everyone regardless of their hobbies, beliefs, or views. These comprehensive connection systems usually allow their members to create their own communities and have their own network of friends. Through communities, they can refrain from engaging with people not of the same interests or goals,

Websites are the common medium in online social networking. These websites are called social sites or social networking sites. Social networking sites serve as online communities where like minded internet users gather and share their thoughts. Different social sites focus in different areas of interest such as hobbies, religion, or politics. There are also others who do not focus on any particular topic. Social network sites are usually free for membership and socialization can begin immediately after sign up. Profile pages that display basic and sometimes contact information of the member are common in social networks.

Making friends is probably the most obvious benefit of being an active member in a social networking site. There are several other benefits one can get from these sites. Diversity is one of these benefits. One gets to have the chance to interact with people from all over the world. This means that one can make friends or other bonds for example with people on the opposite side of the globe. Such not only makes you a new friend, but also allows you to learn a thing or two about your new friends' cultures or new languages. We all know learning is always a good thing.

Risks of Online Social Networking
Along with the numerous benefits of online social networking come certain risks like data theft and viruses. Identity theft is the most prominent problem that may arise from one's participation in online socializing. Such fraud involves someone pretending to be someone else. Exercise caution with every new acquaintance made online. By being aware of your cyber-surroundings and who you are speaking to, you should be able to safely enjoy online social networking. It usually takes several phone conversations before you get a grasp of who someone is, but a clear judgment can often be made only after a personal meeting.

Now that you are informed about online social networking... you can begin looking for social networking sites you can participate in.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

60 Thousand Members in Your TVI Community within the Year

The Team Vinh International Social Media Platform which aims to beat Facebook and all other leading social networking sites by having a staggering 75 million members on its first year promises all sponsors will have at least 60 thousand members in their communities by the end of the first year of their sponsorship. 60 thousand members means 60 thousand prospects you can directly reach for easy sales.

While everyone is welcome to join the TVI Social Networking Site, there are those who can appreciate the boundless opportunities lying in managing one's own social networking community and have upgraded into sponsorship accounts. They have taken the lead, don't fall behind. Upgrade your account to that of a community sponsor now.

You can choose to upgrade and be the sponsor of your own social networking Community on the International Social Networking Media Platform. This opportunity will bring huge numbers of free members under your name and brand in the International Social Networking Media Platform and you will grow your brand while International grows into the next Facebook. We have an opportunity for almost any budget with group-sponsored communities to single sponsored communities on the International Social Networking Media Platform. What makes the social media opportunity very practical is we price the start up of your personal community on our platform for a small fee as the sponsor of your community on our social networking web site. We have estimated in very conservative numbers that the first communities can expect to receive 5,000 new members to join their community within 60 days. Imagine adding an additional 5,000 members each month joining free at your community. If you have the solution they are looking for in their lives, you can make huge profits as a sponsor of your own social networking site on the platform. You only pay more when you have profits from our growth.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Team Vinh International – the Next Social Networking Phenomenon

Facebook shocked the world and shook the very foundations of social networking sites when it reached the pinnacle of social networking success in a very short span of time. It is considered by most as today’s number one. It has pioneered the use of chat interface within its system, and the inclusion of numerous applications. Members are even allowed to publish their own applications like quizzes etc. Now Vinh H Le promises that the Team Vinh International Social Media Platform will definitely be the next Facebook, it will be an even bigger miracle.

The Team Vinh University has developed the perfect method to realize more than any other Social Networking Media Platform ever known in the virtual universe. We have engineered cutting edge proprietary software that will place our Social Networking Media Platform to the top of all search engines faster than any web site ever created. We deliver keyword driven content to every social networking Community on our platform. This not only gives experiences that all enjoy and can profit from and also gives the web site top ranking to be found by all quickly. This is what will drive our velocity and we will be International with Team Velocity as the wind at our backs that keeps pushing us forward

We are the few lucky people in human history to be part of the information age, and you are the lucky ones who will be given the opportunity to join us make history. The information age is an equal opportunity growth event gifted to all humankind alike. You can be in the US, the Philippines, China, Europe, Vietnam, Canada, Australia, South America, Africa and yes even the South Pole or anywhere in the world.

If you have an internet connection, you can be part of this history or watch it as it happens and tell all I could have been rich from that deal but let it pass me by. How many times have we heard those words from others, “I could have bought that McDonalds franchise for $5,000 when they first opened”, and many other deals people lost on? In fact, we hear more stories about deals lost than deals taken advantage of. Why we ask how this could be when these were all gold offers and anyone could see the opportunity in each. It is simple, the deals turned down were turned down from fear. The word fear works its way through all and every event in life good and bad and we react to this emotion more than any other when choosing business deals. Knowing this emotion is God Given and for our protection, we must know it is there for a reason and we also know God Given Faith was granted each equally. When faced with the fear we must dig deep within the soul to find the mentioned 6th sense that can lead us to safety and help us profit.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Team Vinh International Aims for 75 Million Members International has announced its vow to have at least 75 million members on its Social Networking Platform on or before its reaches its second year of operation. This is to prove that we are the best by smashing the records of all the popular social networking sites of today. It may sound farfetched but the Team Vinh University has the experts, the facilities and equipment, the dedication and the desire to help those that are in need to pull it off. The two years of careful planning based on the foundations of sophisticated research gives us the confidence to make this ambitious claim, firmly believing it will become an inevitable reality. International is definitely the opportunity that can change your life forever. Vinh and his team of experts have been preparing for Team Vinh International Social Networking Site’s launch their entire lives. There exists no man on earth that can lead this project to insurmountable success other than Vinh.

TVI Social Media allows members to register for free and access very helpful tools to help them in their business endeavors. All free members are then given the opportunity to upgrade to a sponsorship status. Sponsoring a community web site allows the member to build a huge community of members that they could do no other way. Vinh has the goal of reaching 15 million members this year. Each of the community web sites we project to have 75,000 for the year. We plan on 1,000 community web sites and this would be a total of 75 million members the first year. We know these numbers are very high and would take a multitude of resources both in hardware and manpower.

We have all of the software created for automation of all processes for growth. We have the best talent slated to recruit for the team of managers. We are large BPO and can grow much bigger if needed and we can outsource some of our processes to other BPOs in the Philippines. We know that the goal is obtainable and the numbers as well can be reached.

We as a company and Vinh as the leader will surely make it all a reality. We have been slow to announce the entire social networking sites plan to make sure every part of the software for the process was tested and working. Every element registered a clean sweep in the testings. We are ready to turn this process on and we will look forward to the first group to upgrade and profit with us.

We pledge to you a huge 100% effort to complete the project and reach the goals outlined. You will be proud of this Social Networking Media Platform. This concept is the biggest any of us will ever see in our lives and make sure you understand Vinh H Le and Tom Green can achieve these lofty goals.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010 International Open for Partners

The lunch of the much awaited Team Vinh International Social Networking Media Platform marks the opening of Team Vinh University’s doors to all of you who want to profit from network marketing. The International business model is the best way to make our social networking sites grow building a huge member base. All members will be considered and treated as partners and they will profit and continue to profit as the International Social Networking Media Platform grows.

Free members who want to earn more and grow their very own business may opt to upgrade to a sponsor account and sponsor a social community with the TVI social network. We generate all the data from the member to build the intuitive software modules with a web based interview form to know specifically what they need, and what they want. We will build for them custom landing pages so that our member can easily and quickly connect them to them via the Social Networking Media Platform sites we have created profiles for them.

We will generate profiles from keyword phrases we carefully select for each member based on the data they have provided us when they upgraded to a sponsor position. Building the keywords into their profile is the best way to have the search engines find the member’s page. We will also link him to our social networking sites platform if done correctly and the keywords to get the exposure for the member must be the right ones. This gives us a big structure to connect the member to every social networking site they are on. We have a social network landing web page or more if needed to deliver to people the information about our community social networking sites that no one else has period. We have many different types of content and web page styles that appeal to the Social Networking Media personality. The biggest point of our system is it is about business and money. International knows and has done the research to know the demand is there for a social networking business platform. There is a huge group of people that know how to use the social networking sites and no nothing about business and making money but would want to if they could. They would be perfect fit for our International Social Networking Media Platform.

Everyone can become part of the International social networking sites absolutely free and we will provide them more tools to automate whatever they want done on their webpage. We give members a business opportunity to partner with us and sponsor one of the social networking community web sites. This International business model keeps our members focused and committed. Sponsors of community social networking sites will get huge numbers of members flowing into their sites to learn about making money and the concept or idea on the community social networking site they created. Free members that join their community site have their own web page with a profile and information about them they want others to know. We offer a blog; a lot add ons, and tons of tools all free. We can teach our free community members all they want to learn to use the marketing tools on the system and do it free.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TVI Social Network Goes Into Action

Team Vinh International has perfected its very own social networking site that aims to become one of the top ten social networking sites within the year. TVI has engineered a very unique, intuitive and innovative Social Networking Media Platform unlike any out in the World Wide Web today. By putting together a team of experts, advance facilities and equipment, and the dedication to be of service to all network marketers, TVI has managed to create the largest social media for business and network marketing today.

We have the best interfaces to allow members to put together their own social media member profile pages, fully customizable to let them express what they really want to express. Even after the social networking site’s completion, Team Vinh still continues to do research and development to be able to create powerful yet easy to understand systems for our members’ convenience. Each member will be able to create a page unique from that of other members. The perfect user experience full of simplicity and utmost capability can only be felt here at our TVI social networking site. We have all the necessary software and equipment to let the world know of the good news and in a few months time, The Team Vinh Social Media Platform will be well know all throughout the virtual universe.

Please visit the International website to learn how the Team Vinh University can help you no matter what kind of business you have, anywhere it is. All members are assured to earn profits. This is the perfect combination to have the business sites , the social networking sites all on one domain name and each member has a replicated business site and can elect to add a social networking community site page.

Anyone can join the International community social networking sites and our team of experts will immediately build a search engine optimized website for all who become our members. Any International business member can choose as well to add a social networking page free. International has the complete package of developed software that make the whole experience easy with automation. We will take care of the task of adding members from current social networking sites and putting them in our business social networking site communities, thus bringing in more people to our members’ contacts. All our research and processes we have worked on already indicate we can add 5,000 new members a month to our community social networking sites.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

TVIPSI Community Web Site

The Team Vihn University announces the coming of its own social networking site that aims to change the way people do social networking forever. Revolutionize or social media experience with us.

We offer the traditional social networking feel with the capability create your own communities based on your very own concepts and ideas and add new members to the said communities. Community owners or site sponsors are allowed to have as many pages as they need in order to fully describe their product, concepts and ideas and to bring success to their community. We will provide consulting on set up to insure the success of the sponsor. They will then be able to create their very own custom web site marked with their very own logo along with the Team Vihn University logo to co-brand them to International.

We will provide each sponsor many tools in his back office to track all the details of his web sites. We will give the sponsor all access to all their members’ data to know how to approach each but never payment information or any personal identification. We keep all members’ personal information confidential. We give sponsor a huge pool of tools to use to contact and email their members. We will supply them a messaging system to be in contact with all members quickly and as well as a message forum. We aim to help all sponsors to target each member in ways they will surely be successful. We even have a text message broadcaster along with a phone broadcaster. Gone are the days of one single contact tool.

We consider the sponsor experience as a thoughtful setup of extremely useful tools and sales aids. We are the home of network marketing and we make available many free tools and reports to give to your community members.

All members that join free get a rich and useful complete page to design themselves and provide responses to polls and questions with built-in messaging software. They will have access to the patented TVU complete and comprehensive member search to find and capture leads they can contact free. We do not charge our community members of finding prospects and contacting them. We encourage good communication and knowledge sharing thorough a jam packed information sharing center.

We have a complete and proprietary video chat room that our members will enjoy as a free tool. We take pride in the fact that our community web sites as simple to use and make responding to other members very quick and convenient. We want your time spent on making money and not on how to use a complicated system. It is simple to use though the programming is sophisticated with many features you have never seen before in a member’s area. Join us and learn how to profit on the internet while having fun.

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