Wednesday, February 3, 2010 International Open for Partners

The lunch of the much awaited Team Vinh International Social Networking Media Platform marks the opening of Team Vinh University’s doors to all of you who want to profit from network marketing. The International business model is the best way to make our social networking sites grow building a huge member base. All members will be considered and treated as partners and they will profit and continue to profit as the International Social Networking Media Platform grows.

Free members who want to earn more and grow their very own business may opt to upgrade to a sponsor account and sponsor a social community with the TVI social network. We generate all the data from the member to build the intuitive software modules with a web based interview form to know specifically what they need, and what they want. We will build for them custom landing pages so that our member can easily and quickly connect them to them via the Social Networking Media Platform sites we have created profiles for them.

We will generate profiles from keyword phrases we carefully select for each member based on the data they have provided us when they upgraded to a sponsor position. Building the keywords into their profile is the best way to have the search engines find the member’s page. We will also link him to our social networking sites platform if done correctly and the keywords to get the exposure for the member must be the right ones. This gives us a big structure to connect the member to every social networking site they are on. We have a social network landing web page or more if needed to deliver to people the information about our community social networking sites that no one else has period. We have many different types of content and web page styles that appeal to the Social Networking Media personality. The biggest point of our system is it is about business and money. International knows and has done the research to know the demand is there for a social networking business platform. There is a huge group of people that know how to use the social networking sites and no nothing about business and making money but would want to if they could. They would be perfect fit for our International Social Networking Media Platform.

Everyone can become part of the International social networking sites absolutely free and we will provide them more tools to automate whatever they want done on their webpage. We give members a business opportunity to partner with us and sponsor one of the social networking community web sites. This International business model keeps our members focused and committed. Sponsors of community social networking sites will get huge numbers of members flowing into their sites to learn about making money and the concept or idea on the community social networking site they created. Free members that join their community site have their own web page with a profile and information about them they want others to know. We offer a blog; a lot add ons, and tons of tools all free. We can teach our free community members all they want to learn to use the marketing tools on the system and do it free.


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