Monday, February 15, 2010

Social Media Network Effects

Participating in a social media network has both beneficial and adverse effects. The benefits are great but the risks can lead to drastic consequences. It is therefore vital that caution be exercised in online socialization. Be vigilant of who you are connecting with.

Benefits of Growing Your Social Media Network
In social media, the magic lies on connections. Generally, the more contacts the better. The more people who interact with you the more the benefits from the social media network. There are also problems that may arise from having many connections, such as noise and other irrelevant information as well as the great deal of time needed to manage loose connections. But the potential benefits way outweigh such risks or downsides.
1. More opportunities
2. Greater access to expertise, information, news
3. Frequent, valuable feedback
4. Accelerated growth through viral effects
5. Lower cost and better quality attention

Proper Management Equals Growing Connections
The efficiency of how you manage your social network connections with have the biggest impact on the success of your social media endeavor. You should always make sure to keep your network maintained and of excellent quality. Productivity and system problems may annoy connections and make them break away from your network.

Maintaining your own social network community can be very tiresome, and you may also not be able to get things right on the first try. But don't give up. Try again, your perseverance will surely pay off handsomely.

Maintaining Signal Versus Noise
You should be able to filter good connections from those that only cause you nuisance. There are always those people who do not have any intentions about your community or what your community hopes to achieve. Some people simply just like pestering other people. Set a standard to base which are good connections and which are bad. And please adhere to this standard strictly. Following people who just keep on beating around the bush will just waste your time and give you nothing but frustration. It is your community, your choice of connections.

Stop Social Media from Taking Over Your Day
ONLY SHARE WHAT IS SAFE TO SHARE – Once you connect to people outside your close friends and family you need to restrict the information you place in these networks. If in doubt, keep it to yourself.
Observe before following. Look before you leap.
If people are eating up too much of your time, ditch them, and do not feel any guilt or regret about it. There are no rules that say you have to follow and entertain everyone who follows you!
Select your venues and do not try to be active in everything.
Do not engage in time-wasting activities, such as quizzes and zombie games.
Set Social Media time and log off when that time is over.
Grow your network selectively and steadily – Learn how much activity you can manage.
Use tools where appropriate.


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