Tuesday, February 9, 2010

60 Thousand Members in Your TVI Community within the Year

The Team Vinh International Social Media Platform which aims to beat Facebook and all other leading social networking sites by having a staggering 75 million members on its first year promises all sponsors will have at least 60 thousand members in their communities by the end of the first year of their sponsorship. 60 thousand members means 60 thousand prospects you can directly reach for easy sales.

While everyone is welcome to join the TVI Social Networking Site, there are those who can appreciate the boundless opportunities lying in managing one's own social networking community and have upgraded into sponsorship accounts. They have taken the lead, don't fall behind. Upgrade your account to that of a community sponsor now.

You can choose to upgrade and be the sponsor of your own social networking Community on the TeamVinh.com International Social Networking Media Platform. This opportunity will bring huge numbers of free members under your name and brand in the TeamVinh.com International Social Networking Media Platform and you will grow your brand while TeamVinh.com International grows into the next Facebook. We have an opportunity for almost any budget with group-sponsored communities to single sponsored communities on the TeamVinh.com International Social Networking Media Platform. What makes the social media opportunity very practical is we price the start up of your personal community on our platform for a small fee as the sponsor of your community on our social networking web site. We have estimated in very conservative numbers that the first communities can expect to receive 5,000 new members to join their community within 60 days. Imagine adding an additional 5,000 members each month joining free at your community. If you have the solution they are looking for in their lives, you can make huge profits as a sponsor of your own social networking site on the platform. You only pay more when you have profits from our growth.


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