Monday, February 1, 2010

TVIPSI Community Web Site

The Team Vihn University announces the coming of its own social networking site that aims to change the way people do social networking forever. Revolutionize or social media experience with us.

We offer the traditional social networking feel with the capability create your own communities based on your very own concepts and ideas and add new members to the said communities. Community owners or site sponsors are allowed to have as many pages as they need in order to fully describe their product, concepts and ideas and to bring success to their community. We will provide consulting on set up to insure the success of the sponsor. They will then be able to create their very own custom web site marked with their very own logo along with the Team Vihn University logo to co-brand them to International.

We will provide each sponsor many tools in his back office to track all the details of his web sites. We will give the sponsor all access to all their members’ data to know how to approach each but never payment information or any personal identification. We keep all members’ personal information confidential. We give sponsor a huge pool of tools to use to contact and email their members. We will supply them a messaging system to be in contact with all members quickly and as well as a message forum. We aim to help all sponsors to target each member in ways they will surely be successful. We even have a text message broadcaster along with a phone broadcaster. Gone are the days of one single contact tool.

We consider the sponsor experience as a thoughtful setup of extremely useful tools and sales aids. We are the home of network marketing and we make available many free tools and reports to give to your community members.

All members that join free get a rich and useful complete page to design themselves and provide responses to polls and questions with built-in messaging software. They will have access to the patented TVU complete and comprehensive member search to find and capture leads they can contact free. We do not charge our community members of finding prospects and contacting them. We encourage good communication and knowledge sharing thorough a jam packed information sharing center.

We have a complete and proprietary video chat room that our members will enjoy as a free tool. We take pride in the fact that our community web sites as simple to use and make responding to other members very quick and convenient. We want your time spent on making money and not on how to use a complicated system. It is simple to use though the programming is sophisticated with many features you have never seen before in a member’s area. Join us and learn how to profit on the internet while having fun.


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