Friday, February 5, 2010

Team Vinh International – the Next Social Networking Phenomenon

Facebook shocked the world and shook the very foundations of social networking sites when it reached the pinnacle of social networking success in a very short span of time. It is considered by most as today’s number one. It has pioneered the use of chat interface within its system, and the inclusion of numerous applications. Members are even allowed to publish their own applications like quizzes etc. Now Vinh H Le promises that the Team Vinh International Social Media Platform will definitely be the next Facebook, it will be an even bigger miracle.

The Team Vinh University has developed the perfect method to realize more than any other Social Networking Media Platform ever known in the virtual universe. We have engineered cutting edge proprietary software that will place our Social Networking Media Platform to the top of all search engines faster than any web site ever created. We deliver keyword driven content to every social networking Community on our platform. This not only gives experiences that all enjoy and can profit from and also gives the web site top ranking to be found by all quickly. This is what will drive our velocity and we will be International with Team Velocity as the wind at our backs that keeps pushing us forward

We are the few lucky people in human history to be part of the information age, and you are the lucky ones who will be given the opportunity to join us make history. The information age is an equal opportunity growth event gifted to all humankind alike. You can be in the US, the Philippines, China, Europe, Vietnam, Canada, Australia, South America, Africa and yes even the South Pole or anywhere in the world.

If you have an internet connection, you can be part of this history or watch it as it happens and tell all I could have been rich from that deal but let it pass me by. How many times have we heard those words from others, “I could have bought that McDonalds franchise for $5,000 when they first opened”, and many other deals people lost on? In fact, we hear more stories about deals lost than deals taken advantage of. Why we ask how this could be when these were all gold offers and anyone could see the opportunity in each. It is simple, the deals turned down were turned down from fear. The word fear works its way through all and every event in life good and bad and we react to this emotion more than any other when choosing business deals. Knowing this emotion is God Given and for our protection, we must know it is there for a reason and we also know God Given Faith was granted each equally. When faced with the fear we must dig deep within the soul to find the mentioned 6th sense that can lead us to safety and help us profit.


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