Thursday, February 4, 2010

Team Vinh International Aims for 75 Million Members International has announced its vow to have at least 75 million members on its Social Networking Platform on or before its reaches its second year of operation. This is to prove that we are the best by smashing the records of all the popular social networking sites of today. It may sound farfetched but the Team Vinh University has the experts, the facilities and equipment, the dedication and the desire to help those that are in need to pull it off. The two years of careful planning based on the foundations of sophisticated research gives us the confidence to make this ambitious claim, firmly believing it will become an inevitable reality. International is definitely the opportunity that can change your life forever. Vinh and his team of experts have been preparing for Team Vinh International Social Networking Site’s launch their entire lives. There exists no man on earth that can lead this project to insurmountable success other than Vinh.

TVI Social Media allows members to register for free and access very helpful tools to help them in their business endeavors. All free members are then given the opportunity to upgrade to a sponsorship status. Sponsoring a community web site allows the member to build a huge community of members that they could do no other way. Vinh has the goal of reaching 15 million members this year. Each of the community web sites we project to have 75,000 for the year. We plan on 1,000 community web sites and this would be a total of 75 million members the first year. We know these numbers are very high and would take a multitude of resources both in hardware and manpower.

We have all of the software created for automation of all processes for growth. We have the best talent slated to recruit for the team of managers. We are large BPO and can grow much bigger if needed and we can outsource some of our processes to other BPOs in the Philippines. We know that the goal is obtainable and the numbers as well can be reached.

We as a company and Vinh as the leader will surely make it all a reality. We have been slow to announce the entire social networking sites plan to make sure every part of the software for the process was tested and working. Every element registered a clean sweep in the testings. We are ready to turn this process on and we will look forward to the first group to upgrade and profit with us.

We pledge to you a huge 100% effort to complete the project and reach the goals outlined. You will be proud of this Social Networking Media Platform. This concept is the biggest any of us will ever see in our lives and make sure you understand Vinh H Le and Tom Green can achieve these lofty goals.


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