Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Social Media Networking Top 10

Social media networking is the new fad in doing business online. It has revolutionized internet marketing and changed the way people socialize in the World Wide Web for towards the benefit of their business. Countless are joining social media networks but only a few really know how to completely exploit its full potential. Following are 10 tips that can help you grow your business and attain financial success with the use of SMN.

1. Pull, Do Not Push
Do not push your products or services to your contacts, instead, build a connection founded on trust. Allow them to have confidence in your business. Let them believe in the quality of what you offer. Set an image that every dollar they will spend on you will be worth it. This way you will be pulling their interest. You will no longer need to tell them to buy your products, they will voluntarily look for them.

2. Let the Social Media Network Know You Exist
Actively participate in conversations to get yourself acquainted with other users. Your participation will send the message that you like helping others.

3. Content is King, but Conversation is Queen
Content is king not only when it comes to search engine crawlers, but also to people. People, especially those in business like reading websites with sense. Make sure your content captivates their interest and gives an impression that you are knowledgeable and reliable. Participate in conversations and share what you know. Content and conversation when paired together will do wonders.

4. Maintain Authenticity and Transparency
Be real. Do not claim to know something you don't as such will just get you into trouble. Be open. Do no keep skeletons in the closet. Be honest. Admit mistakes and speak of ways you can make amends.

5. Do not Attempt to Participate in Each Social Network
It is impossible to participate in every social media network. Hundreds are out there and new ones keep on coming up. If you engage in too many social sites, it is certain that you will not be able to properly maintain all of them. You might even forget some of them. Properly maintaining a few social networks is better that poorly maintaining many of them.

6. Give and You Shall Receive
Help whenever there is a chance. This will help forge strong bonds between you and the other members as well as create a good image for you and the business you represent. Help people and they will surely help you back, maybe not now but in the near future. Earning the trust of people who know you care will be easier.

7. Follow the Rules of Real World Marketing
Social media is just another channel of marketing. Still adhere to the ethics and guidelines of marketing offline or in the real world. Implement your damage control measures both online and offline.

8. Prepare Your Mindset and not just Your Toolset
Your social media networking campaign is not just a tool but and entirely new approach on its own. Do not think of it as indispensable, as it can make or break your brand online.

9. Be Yourself
Be true to who you are and do not pretend to be somebody else. Do not become a poser. Post your own pictures, use you real basic information. Being true to yourself is the first step to gaining the trust of others. Lie and someone will catch you sooner or later.

10. Share Findings
Whenever you stumble upon something you think might help in social media networking, share it with others. Be open to discussions and debates.


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