Friday, March 26, 2010

The Social Media Marketing Platform

Social media marketing platforms are the new norms today. They provide the cheapest marketing opportunities which make them the favorite of small businesses, especially startup ones. Many people are making SMP marketing campaigns major parts of their marketing strategies, but most do not actually know how to make the most out of social media marketing platforms.

Successful social media platforms have grown phenomenally in the past few years. Facebook’s growth has been: up 159% in traffic over the past year, and continuing to demonstrate solid month-over-month growth. The service has benefitted chiefly from increase in usage among adults, making it a more appealing hub for marketers.

Overall activity on Facebook, in terms of usage, is extraordinary. The key factor here is the content generation: the more content users place on Facebook, the richer and more textured the communities become. With 850 million photos uploaded in the course of a month, and another 24 million pieces of content shared, and 3 billion minutes of uses every day (up three-fold from the year before)…that’s an incredibly rich and active network.


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